We have several opportunities for sponsorship from our facebook group and business page, to T-shirts and our show trailer. We are working on the details and will post it here.

At Location/Show Banners Ads – We can add your logo to our pricing banners at the shows we attend.. This would be a annual sponsorship to cover the cost of updating banners at the show.. It would be One or Two sponsors max.. Pricing based on our cost of the banners we create.. $180 per banner per year. We will be set up at 15 to 20 shows a year with thousand of folks looking at them..

T-Shirt Sponsors – Get your logo on our t-shirts as a sponsor of Square Body Nation. We sell hundreds of t-shirts a month. Your Logo will remain on the shirt for the lifetime of the shirt. These shirts sell on our website and at all the different shows we attend. Example: Powered by “Your Logo” or something along those lines. Typically $350 Single Truck, $550 Two Truck Shirt, $750 Three Truck Shirt (Your Covering the Art Fee, We Cover the Cost of the Shirts)..

Mail/Package Sponsors – We will put your flyer in every mailing we send out monthly. This is great for car/ truck shows or new truck related products. We currently mail out 150 to 250 packages a month. Price based on number of flyer you send us.. Typically $1 per flyer with Min of 100 flyers or Exchange/Trade for booth space

Ads on our Facebook Group & Business pages – Our Facebook group is currently at 115k members and targeted towards owners of Square Body Trucks. Our Facebook business page is currently at 120k likes but growing at a rate of 100 to 150 likes a day. Monthly Plans Available (Automatic Scheduled Posts). Our Facebook group & page are Square Body Nation (Group) & Square Body Nation (Business Page)

Website Ads – Our website gets great traffic for marketing toward the Square Body crowd. We get 600 too 1000 hits a day. We can supply you a link/logo back to your website for your product that is Square Body related. We can do do Banner ads as well as Sidebar Ads.

If you have any questions please email us at squarebodynation73@gmail.com